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The Ultimate BTC Chain Game

Provably fair!

CoinController.com is a simple Bitcoin/Litecoin/CasinoCoin chain game - a game of chance where you can make interest off of each purchase you make. No registration required. The idea is that you can buy out "control" of one of the "coins" listed below. By purchasing control of a coin, you become the "owner" or "controller" of the coin, raising the minimum purchase price and displaying a name, message and/or URL of your choice. When the next person buys out control of the coin, you receive the full amount of your original purchase, as well as an additional bonus.

For instance, if you bought the Sad Litecoin for 0.01075167 LTC, the next buyer would purchase it for 0.012902004 LTC (an increase of 20% ). You would then receive a return of 0.01182684 LTC. The price (and profit) will increase after each turn, until a game reset is randomly triggered (chance: 1% ).

If you are the first buyer of the coin, and nobody purchases from you within 48 hours, you receive a full refund, minus a standard transaction fee. However, if the chain of coin ownership has already started, the coins price (and your bet) are instead reduced by 20%, and then further reduced every 12 hours after the 48, until the coin either reaches its starting value, or is bought out by somebody. Now supporting Casino Coins (CSC), Dogecoins (wow, such game, so crypto!) and Litecoins!

For more details, see How to Play.

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